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 At a young age, Darrius Simmons fell in love with the piano. As he watched others play, he was    1    by the joy the piano gave them. He wanted to experience that, too, but knew for him it would be a/an    2   .

“I decided at age 10 that I wanted to learn how to play the piano,    3    it was going to take a little bit    4    work for me to learn,” Simmons says. “I knew most people had 10 fingers while I had four, yet I was pretty    5    I could make it work.”

The Warren, Ohio teenager was born with a genetic    6    called ectrodactyly (先天性缺指畸形). He has three fingers on his right hand and    7    finger on his left. But it didn’t    8    Simmons from following his    9   . With no formal training, Simmons taught himself by ear how to play the piano. He practiced and practiced, finding a way to    10    the keys with four fingers while mastering the pedals with his prostheses(假肢).

Simmons knew he would have to    11    his own style of playing. “I couldn’t base it    12    the technique of somebody who has 10 fingers. It just wouldn’t    13   .” He says. “That’s    14    it was hard for me to take piano lessons. It’s very    15    for somebody who has learned how to play with 10 fingers to adjust and teach me with only four.”

The now 18-year-old not only learned how to play and read music but also began composing.

His mother, Tamara Simmons, isn’t surprised by Darrius’    16   . She knows how focused and    17    he can be.

From mastering music to beating    18    challenges, Darrius Simmons sets out to    19    the world. “I like to be somebody’s    20   ,” he says. “If I play in front of a whole crowd and I see one person smile, that’s a job well done.”

1Afrightened         Bamazed                   Cinterested               Ddisturbed

2Achallenge          Bopportunity             Cfortune                   Dtrouble

3Awhile                Bbut                         Cand                        Dtherefore

4Amore                Bmuch                     Cfewer                     Dless

5Asurprised           Bworried                  Csure                       Dglad

6Acondition          Benvironment           Csituation                 Dtendency

7Aone                  Btwo                        Cthree                      Dfive

8Aencourage         Bprevent                   Cremove                  Dchange

9Aactions              Broads                      Cinstructions             Dpassions

10Areach              Brepair                     Cremove                  Dclean

11Aadopt              Babandon                 Cdevelop                  Dchange

12Aby                  Bin                          Cthrough                  Don

13Asupport           Brun                        Coperate                   Dwork

14Awhy                Bbecause                  Cwhen                     Dwhether

15Aeasy                Btough                     Cfunny                     Dstupid

16Aideas               Bcreations                 Cdifficulties              Dachievements

17Akind               Bdetermined             Ctalented                  Dgenerous

18Aspiritual          Bmental                    Cphysical                 Demotional

19Aplease             Bpersuade                 Cinspire                   Dcheer

20Apartner            Bsymbol                   Caim                        Dmotivation

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 Come to the AG Society's expedition (探险) program and you will surely get unique experiences! SWIM WITH THE HUMPBACKS(座头鲸) OF TONGA

Darren Jew and his team are your hosts for an unforgettable AG Society adventure, filled with in- water meetings with humpback whales in the Kingdom of Tonga's group of islands.

WHO: Darren Jew's underwater whales

DATES: 26 September-4 October 2018

COST: $ 5,450 per person

BOOKINGS: Call 0756679413, email reservations @ whalesunderwater.com or visit whalesunderwater.com


The AG Society is partnering with APT to present an exciting voyage along the Kimberley coastline. Expedition cruising offers the easiest way to explore the Kimberley. Guests on this 11-day voyage will go ashore, explore natural wonders, meet traditional owners, see rock art and spot wildlife.


DATES: 6 - 16 September 2018

COST: $ 13,395 per person

BOOKINGS: Visit kimberleywild.com. au


The AG Society offers you a chance to hunt for fossils. Guided by experts, you'll go to special locations, seeking new fossils for the collections of the Australian Opal Centre. Your discoveries will further establish these museum collections as a world-class scientific and cultural resource. There are also a series of lectures on mining history, fossils, dinosaur hunting and new dinosaurs.

WHO: The Australian Opal Centre

DATES: 20 -25 August 2018

COST: $ 2,200 per person, including all activities and lunches and dinners

BOOKINGS: Call 0427904587, email dig @ stralianopalcentre.com or visit australianopalcentre.com


Come and join Tim Faulkner for a unique hands-on experience with this Tasmanian devil (袋獾) feeding program in the beautiful Barrington Tops of NSW. You'll get to see Tasmanian devils up close when you help with feeding individuals.

In addition to working with the animals, there'll be opportunities to explore the area's natural treasures and spot local wildlife. Don't miss your chance to get involved in this important conservation effort.

WHO: Devil Ark

DATES: 24 - 26 November 2018

COST: $ 1,750 per person

BOOKINGS: Call 0243408610, email info @ devilark.org. au or visit devilark.org. au

1If you join in LIGHTNING RIDGE FOSSIL DIG, you can  .

Ago to seek new fossils individually

Blearn something about mining history

Ccollect the world-class scientific fossils

Dbecome an expert and go to special locations

2What can you do if you take part in AG DEVIL ARK EXPEDITION?

AHelp protect wildlife.                                 BLearn about dinosaurs.

CWatch humpback whales.                            DEnjoy an exciting voyage.

3Which program will you choose if you want to enjoy rock art?





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    In the atmosphere carbon dioxide acts rather like a one-way mirror the glass in the roof of a greenhouse which allows the sun's rays to enter but prevents the heat from escaping.

According to a weather expert's prediction the atmosphere wilbe3C warmer in the year 2050thanitis today if man continues to burn fuels at the present rate.If this warming up took place the icecaps in the poles would begin to melt thus raising sea level several meters and severely flooding coastal cities.Also the increase in atmospheric temperature would lead to great changes in the climate of the northern hemisphere(半球) possibly resulting in an alteration of the earth's chief food-growing zones.

In the past concern about a man-made warming of the earth has concentrated on the Arctic because the Antarctic is much colder and has a much thicker ice sheet.But the weather experts are now paying more attention to West Antarctic which maybe affected by only a few degrees of warmingin other words by a warming on the scale that will possibly take place in the next fifty years from the burning of fuels.

Satellite pictures show that large areas of Antarctic ice are already disappearing.The evidence available suggests that a warming has taken place.This fits the theory that carbon dioxide warms the earth.

However most of the fuel is burnt in the northern hemisphere where temperatures seem to be falling Scientists concludethereforethat up to now natural influences on the weather have exceeded those caused by man.The question isWhich natural cause has most effect on the weather?

One possibility is the variable behavior of the sun.Astronomers at one research station have studied the hot spots and“cold”spots(that is the relatively less hot spots) on the sun.As the sun rotates(旋转) every 27.5 days it presents hotter or“colder”faces to the earth and different aspects to different parts of the earth.This seems to have a considerable effect on the distribution of the earth's atmospheric pressure and consequently on wind circulation.The sun is also variable over along termits heat output goes up and down in cycles the latest trend being downward.

Scientists are now finding mutual relations between models of solar-weather interactions and the actual climate over many thousands of years including the last Ice Age.The problem is that the models are predicting that the world should be entering a new Ice Age and it is not.One way of solving this theoretical difficulty is to assume a delay of thousands of years while the solar effects overcome the inertia(惯性) of the earth's climate.If this is rightthe warming effect of carbon dioxide might thus be serving as a useful counter-balance to the sun's diminishing(减少) heat.

1Why is the fuel consumption greater in then or them hemisphere but temperatures there seem to be falling?

AMainly because the levels of carbon dioxide are rising.

BPossibly because the output of solar energy varies.

CBecause the inertia of the earth's climate take effect.

DPossibly because the icecaps in the poles are melting

2On the basis of their models scientists are of the opinion that

Athe climate of the world should be becoming cooler

Bthe new Ice Age will be delayed by the greenhouse effect

Cthe man-made warming effect helps to increase the solar effects

Dit will take thousands of years for the inertia of the earth's climate to take effect

3If the assumption about the delay of a new Ice Age is correct     .

Athe best way to overcome the cooling effect would be to burn more fuels

Bice would soon cover the northern hemisphere

Cthe increased levels of carbon dioxide would warm up the earth quickly

Dthe greenhouse effect could work to the advantage of the earth

4The purpose of the article is to explain     .

Athe greenhouse effect

Bthe solar effects on the earth

Cthe models of solar-weather interactions

Dthe causes affecting weather

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    While many of us may have been away somewhere nice last summer, few would say that we’ve “summered.” “Summer” is clearly a noun, more precisely, a verbed noun.

Way back in our childhood, we all learned the difference between a noun and a verb. With such a tidy definition, it was easy to spot the difference. Not so in adulthood, where we are expected to “foot” bills, “chair” committees, and “dialogue” with political opponents. Chances are you didn’t feel uncomfortable about the sight of those verbed nouns.

“The verbing of nouns is as old as the English language,” says Patricia O’Conner, a former editor at The New York Times Book Review. Experts estimate that 20 percent of all English verbs were originally nouns. And the phenomenon seems to be snowballing. Since 1900, about 40 percent of all new verbs have come from nouns.

Even though conversion (转化) is quite universal, plenty of grammarians object to the practice. William Strunk Jr. and E.B.White, in The Elements of Style — the Bible for the use of American English — have this to say: “Many nouns lately have been pressed into service as verbs. Not all are bad, but all are suspect.” The Chicago Manual of Style takes a similar standpoint, advising writers to use verbs with great care.

“Sometimes people object to a new verb because they resist what is unfamiliar to them,” says O’Conner. That’s why we’re comfortable “hosting” a party, but we might feel upset by the thought of “medaling” in sports. So are there any rules for verbing? Benjamin Dreyer, copy chief at Random House, doesn’t offer a rule, but suggests that people think twice about “verbifying” a noun if it’s easily replaceable by an already existing popular verb. Make sure it’s descriptive but not silly-sounding, he says.

In the end, however, style is subjective. Easy conversion of nouns to verbs has been part of English grammar for centuries; it is one of the processes that make English “English.” Not every coinage (新创的词语) passes into general use, but as for trying to end verbing altogether, forget it.

1What can we learn about the verbing of nouns?

AIt hasn’t recently been opposed by many grammarians.

BIt is more commonly accepted by children than adults.

CIt hasn’t been a rare phenomenon in the past century.

DIt is easily replaced by existing verbs in practice

2What is most leading experts’ attitude towards the practice of the verbing of nouns?

ACautious.                                                  BSatisfied.

CDisappointed.                                            DUnconcerned.

3What does the author think of ending the verbing of nouns?

APredictable.                                               BPracticable.

CApproaching.                                            DImpossible.

4What is the best title for the text?

AAre 40 Percent of all new verbs from nouns

BAre Summering and Medaling Annoying?

CAre You Comfortable about a New Verb?

DAre There Any Rules for Verbing?

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Work Your Mind

Here’s something to think about the next time you ask your teacher for help: struggling with schoolwork on your own can help you learn. According to a recent study, the more you struggle while you are learning new information, the better you can remember it later.

This theory might surprise you. When teachers are presenting new information, they often give students lots of help. But a new study shows this may not be the best way to support learning. “Don't be too quick to get help when learning something new,” education expert Manu Kapur told TFK. “Try to work on it yourself even if it means trying different ways.”

Kapur came up with the idea that struggling can lead to better learning. Then he tested it out on students in Singapore. He separated students into two groups. In the first group, students were asked to solve math problems with the teacher’s help. In the second group, students were asked to solve the same problems by helping one another, instead of getting help from the teacher.

With the teacher’s help, students in the first group were able to find the correct answers. Students in the second group did not solve the problems correctly. But they did come up with a lot of good ideas. The students were then tested on what they had learned. The group without any help from a teacher scored much higher than the group who had help. Kapur said working to find the answers helped students understand the process, not just the solution.

Kapur’s advice for kids is to put a lot of effort into learning something new rather than going to your teacher for help. “Simply doing a little work or nothing at all won’t work,” says Kapur. “The struggle needs to be a genuine attempt to figure out or solve a problem in as many ways as possible.”

1When you have doubt on schoolwork, you’d better ____________.

Aask your teacher for help

Bmake it clear by yourself

Cask your classmates to help you

Dask your parents for help

2What’s Manu Kapur educational idea on learning new knowledge?

AGive students much help as soon as possible.

BLet students learn it on themselves in one way.

CLet students learn it by themselves in the same way.

DLet students learn it for themselves in different ways.

3How did Kapur check his idea on better learning?

ABy asking questions.

BBy solving art problems.

CBy group comparations.

DBy solving science problems.

4What is the most important in learning knowledge?

AGetting the teacher’s help.

BGetting the student’s help.

CGrasping the learning course.

DReceiving the final solution.

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ExperiencedBased Education

Everyone is familiar with traditional education. You sit in a class and a teacher teaches.  This is an important part of development. But at some point, every individual has to take charge of their own education. To do this, one must look at the root of learning.1

Basically, unfamiliar experiences usually add more value than experiences that are familiar.

2 And we are in a better state to learn something new. Honestly, someone who never experiences the same thing twice will never have a chance to benefit from anything learned. However, new experiences are generally what make people interesting and push them to grow.

High school is a new experience. College is a new experience. However, at some point traditional education becomes repetitive. It is not that you won’t learn anything else, but that the environment is so familiar.3

To solve this, an individual needs to introduce new experiences into their life. You may spend a summer in a different part of the country or learn a new language through trial and error. You can also go to a drivein movieor some other entertainment event that is new to you.4

These types of experiences often result in very little“book knowledge”.  Instead, they will often provide you with a better understanding of yourself as you experience your reaction to different situations.5 It can be invaluable for you to work effectively with others. Becoming a well rounded human isn’t something that happens by accident. You can spend your entire lifetime developing your potential.

AHas education changed so much in the last decade?

BThey will also provide you with a better understanding of others.

CThose new experiences may not lead to great personal development.

DThese are all things that can stretch and expand your experience in life.

E.This is because unfamiliar experiences require much more of our attention.

F.As a result, you can easily become less aware of your experience and not learn as much.

G.What makes some experiences add great value to our lives while other experiences do not?

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China will emerge stronger from the coronavirus challenge, experts said at a seminar here on Tuesday, while 1 (praise) China’s efforts to stop the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic (传染病).

Speaking at the seminar 2  (title) “Battling Coronavirus, ”Sumit Mullickchief information commissioner of India’s southwestern state of Maharashtra, said that China has created a new criterion in addressing a health issue by quarantining (隔离) Wuhan, the epicenter city of the virus outbreak.

“The coronavirus does not understand or respect borders. It does not need a visa or passport.” Mullick said. “Challenges are 3 (true) in global in nature. ”

However, Chinese labs have quickly decoded the genetic sequence of the coronavirus and shared it with the world, 4 is now working on a new vaccine, he said.

R. N. Bhaskar, a senior journalist and consulting editor with Indian English newspaper Free Press Journal, said that China is doing all it can  5 (contain) the spread of the virus and create a vaccine.

“As  6 very big player in the global economy, there will be negative impact 7 the Chinese economy for a temporary period. However, thanks to the swift responses to the virus outbreak, the Chinese economy will overcome this crisis and emerge stronger,” he added.

Health officials at the panel discussion also listed the steps  8 (take) to fight the virus and shared their experiences in countering misinformation and creating  9  (aware) among the public at large.

The event  10 (organize) jointly by the Observer Research Foundation, a think-tank body, along with the Chinese Consulate General in Mumbai.

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You must have heard about Dolly and have been amazed by the first cloned animal. But here came a problem; should we clone humans? When being asked about this question, a large number of people which are interested in the topic hold the view that it’s beneficial to clone humans. Therefore, some other people, me including, are against this idea. Cloning humans can bring negative effects and wrong informations. In the first place, they may not be treated equal as normal people, which I believe will make him suffer a lot. In second place, human cloning may lead in some social disorder, and it is quite dangerous.

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假如你是李华,橙子辅导准备组织你校学生出国参加英语夏令营(English Summer Camp),请写一封申请信给该培训中心。信的内容必须包括:

1. 申请报名。

2. 为什么想参加这个活动。

3. 对这项活动有怎样的打算和期待。


2. 信的开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

Dear Sir/Madam,


Yours truly,

Li Hua

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