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Magic is a form of entertainment that is based on pretending to do things that are impossible.The magician is a specally trained actor. He tries to make the audience believe that he has the power to do things which are against the laws of nature.

Magic shows are entertaining as long as the audience does not discover how the ticks are done. The magician usually depends on his skill with his hands, on his knowledge of psychology,and,sometimes,on mechanical devices(机械装置).Since magic performance is meant to trick people,the use of psychology is important. The magician must keep people from noticing all the movements of his hands and from thinking about the secret parts of his equipment. He must alsolead the audience to draw false conclusions.The magician's success depends on the fact that many things seen by the eye are not the things that matter.

Two basic magic tricks are making objects sem to appear and making objects seem to disappear.Acombination of these two tricks makes for some interesting effects.For example, the magician puts a smallball under one of several cups.The ball then seems to jump from one cup to another or to change colour. What actually happens is that the magician,employing quick hand movements ora mechanical device, hides one ball. While doing this he talks to the audience and waves a brightly coloured cloth with one hand. The audience is too busy watching the cloth and listening to the magician's words to notice that his other hand is hiding the ball.

Another favourite trick is to cut or burn something,and then make it appear whole again. What actually happens is that the magician makes the cut or burned object disappear by quickly hiding it while the audience watches something else.Then he"magically"makes it appear whole again by displaying(展示)another object that has not been cut or burned.

1.What is the author's main purpose in writing the text?

A. To promote a magic show.

B. To teach people to be magicians.

C. To explain the art of magic.

D. To praise the talents of magicians.

2.Which of the following is important for a successful magic trick?

A.Moving stage equipment.

B. Directing the audience'sattention.

C.Applying high technology.

D. Keeping the performance in secret.

3.What does the author focus on in the last two paragraphs?

A. Providing examples.

B. Making a summary.

C. Drawing comparisons.

D. Explaining a concept.

4. What can we infer from the text?

A.Mechanical devices are expensive.

B.Most magicians employ assistnts

C.I takes practice to perform magic.

D.Smallobjectsare magicians'favorte


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The average bear, it seems, is getting ever smarter.First, it turned out that at least one can use a comb. Now it appears that some can count, too.

Jennifer Vonk, of Oakland University, in Michigan,and Michael Beran,from Georgia State University, set three American black bears the task of distinguishing between numerically larger and smaller groups of dots(点)on a computer screen. In return fora food reward one bear,Brutus, would touch the more heavily dotted pattern with his nose. The others,Bella and Dusty, would touch the screen with their claws (爪子)).

As the researchers report in Animal Behavior,the bears did best with patterns where the coloured dots did not move and where more of them also took up alarger coloured area.This could be explained by the bears'distinguishing the different areas of colour rather than truly counting the dots.However, the three bears managed to pick out the bigger number of dots even in pairs of pattens where fewer dots took up a larger area.

Moving patterns, where each dot followed its own path around the screen, were more of a challnge.But Brutus, at least, was not defeated.He semed to be counting mobile dots even when the scientists ried to mislead him by moving the total coloured area of the dots at the same time.

It is not entirely surprising that bears should have a high degree of intelligence. They face a lot of challenges when trying to get food.They are,however,always alone,and so do not have the complex social systems that contribute to animal smarts.Perhaps, then, their maths skill developed because they cannot count on their friends for help.

1.What task did the scientists set for the three bears?

A.Distinguishing different dot patterns.

B.Figuring out different colours of dots.

C.Putting the dots into differently coloured groups.

D.Picking out the group with a larger number of dots.

2.For the bears,the task was easier when

A.the coloured dots were moving slowly 

B.the dot patterns were regular in shape

C.the dots followed a path on the screen

D.more dots covered alarger coloured area

3.What may explain the bears'high degree ofinteligence?

A.They lear skils from other animals.

B.They face life challenges on their own.

C.They feed on a diverse range of fod.

D.They have complex social networks.

4.What can be asuitabletitle for the text?

A.Bears Taught to Distinguish Colours

B.New Evidence ofea Inteligence Found

C.Three Bears Leamed How to Count

D.The SmartestAmerican BlackBear Brtus


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This happened whenI was ten.On a normal Sunday,I went to the barber shop where I always went.That day,along with the barber there was an ssistant,who had recently 1 the shop.

SoI sat for the haircut.The uncle asked me how _2 I wanted it.Ianswered,"Just do as my dad had _3_ you the last time."

He smiled.Before starting the _4 , he added,"What ifIkeep it long?""

I _5_ he wasjoking.SoIjoked too.I said, "I can't _6 what would happen to your shop then!"

The moment I said it, the asistant _7 from behind."How dare do you say that! Who are you to take us down, eh?

I admit I was too _8_ at that moment and the uncle standing beside me was giving me an __9 _look.

From that day on,1 _10 stopped joking about anyone's professon and works. It is one of the most _11 incidents in my life, which taught me to _12_ the profession and works of a person, no matter how 13 they are.

I'm _14 that the assistant responded in a way that made me rethink the power of my words.Words do make a _15

1.A. left              B. opened C. joined D. visited
2. A. much         B. long C. often    D. soon
3. A. instructed  B. invited  C. promised  D. convinced
4. A. discussion  B. joumey  C. training  D. haircut
5. A. agreed        B. heard  C. hoped  D. knew
6. A. forget          B. tolerate  C. guarantee  D. understand
7. A. urged          B. shouted  C. laughed  D. helped
8. A. angry          B. proud  C. scared  D. curious
9. A. anxious      B. appealing  C. encouraging  D. awkward
10. A. suddenly    B. completely  C. temporarily  D. regularly
11. A. important    B. exciting  C. strange  D. interesting
12. A. learn           B. enter  C. change  D. respect
13. A. hard .          B. small   C. good   D. complex
14. A. sorry            B. confident   C. grateful  D. embarrassed
15. A. difference   B. mistake    C. choice      D. joke


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 Like many other students, you may have various people,_1(include)family members and friends, giving input on your college decision.

While many of your trusted relatives and peers(同龄人)may have very _2(value) advice that can help you to make the decision, finally the choice is yours and yours alone. Only you can fully realize which aspects of acollege will make you truly happy and _3(satisfy), so keep that at the front of your mind.

Moreover, fully consider each option. It can be easy 4(let) a particular school become a front-runner early on _5 your decision-making process,and it may even become the winning choice-but be sure to carefully evaluate every school 6 has accepted you,since you had particular reasons for applying to each school.

Do keep 7open mind.Students can change majors,but remember that there's no re-living a certain semester(学期),and there's no making up for lost time. Don't go to a school _8_(specific)for a high school relationship _9_ to make someone else happy. A _10_(student) college experience is his or her own, and the student must put his or her education first.


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COURSE: Psychology of Creativity

· June 15- June 28· Marshall Duke

Why are certain people so creative? Is it genetic(遗传的),or a result of childhood experience? Are they different from everyone else? This popular psychology course highlights the different theories of creativity.

COURSE: Creative Storytelling· June 21 -July 3· Edith Freni

This college-level course in creative storytelling functions as an introduction to a variety of storyelling techniques that appear in different forms of creative writing, such as short fiction and playwriting.

COURSE: Sports Economics

· July 19-August 1· Christina DePasquale

In this course we will analyze many interesting aspects of the sports industry: sports leagues,ticket pricing,salary negotiations,discrimination,and NCAA policies to name a few.

1. Who is the text intended for?

A.The general public.

B. College freshmen.

C. Educational experts.

D. High school students.

2.Which course can you take if you are free only in June?

 Sports Economics.

A. Creative Storytelling

C. Psychology of Creativity.

D. Case Studies in Neuroscience.

3.Whose course shouldyou choose ifyou are interested in creative writing?

A. Leah Roesch's.

B. Edith Freni's.

C. Marshall Duke's.

D. Christina DePasquale's.


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In my everyday life,I am on an ongoing journey to figure out different ways to reduce my carbon footprint on the planet.A carbon fotprint is the measure of infuence ouractivities have on the environment, in particular climate change.It is calculated by the amount of greenhouse gas we produce in our daily lives.Fortunately,nowadays itis much easier to make eco-friendly lifestyle choices than,let's say,20 years ago.But one question has ben on my mind a lot lately isit better to buy new eco-friendly products or used traditioally produced goods?

After doing some research, I have decided that some things are better new and others are better used. Let me try to explain.

A carbon footprint is made up of two parts,the primary footprint and the secondary footprint. The primary footprint is a measure of our direct emissions(排放)of carbon dioxide(CO2) from the burning of fuels, including household energy consumption and transportation. The secondary footprint is a measure of the indirect CO2 emissions from the whole lifecycle of products we use-those related to their production and breakdown.

Based on this understanding, we have a good deal of control and responsibility over our carbon footprint. Things like dishes, clothes and funiture fall into the"secondary footprint" group,so less is more and we can focus on finding used goods to avoid the added production. However, for the car and the other appliances(设备)that we need we can go with new, energy-saving models. I heard somewhere that electronics and appliances give off 90% of their carbon footprint after they leave the factory. So it seems most reasonable to go for the energy-saving models. The main concern here is the amount of energy that goes into the making of new products and whether or not that extra carbon is worth the footprint the product will make once it gets to you.

1. What is the text mainly about?

A. What appliances to buy to save energy.

B.What a carbon footprint means in our life.

C.How to identify different carbon footprints.

D.How to make eco-friendly lifestyle choices.

2.What do we know about the secondary carbon footprint?

A.It is related to our consumption of fuels.

B.It is made when we are buying the products.

C.It isless harmful than the primary carbon fooprint.

D. It is counted as ours though not directly madeby us.

3.Which of the following helps reduce our carbon footprint according to the author?

A. Using second-hand textbooks.

B. Using old and expensive cars.

C.Buying new but cheap clothes.

D. Buying new wooden furniture.

4."The fotprint"underlined in the last sentence refers to the CO2 produced in___

A.using the product

B. recycling the product

C. making the product

D. transporting the product


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Apps (short for applications) are becoming increasingly popular nowadays,and for good reason.They can help you out in just about every area of your life, whether it's keeping fit, communicating with friends,or even learning a language._1__ Here's what you should think about before downloading an app for language learning.

● Learn from diverse sources (not just apps)

Any seasoned language learner will tell you that the beauty of mastering a foreign language is the world which it opens up to you.This is a world of diverse sources(来源)of information,from newspapers and books to TV,radio,music and even real people.Wouldyou limit yourself to one medium in your native language? _2

● Establish your purpose and plan your habits

Do you want to be fluent in weeks or are youinit for the brain training? The good apps are designed to help you fit your studies around your timetable._3 These apps encourage habit building,because the successful formation of a habit ensures your safe and regular return.

●Make it social

_4__ I mean social for real.Iowe the speed of progress I made in talian to the support from Jim,my partner in study time.Find a friend to accompany you.Take an evening class.Borrow a book. Buy a book. Book a week away and attend a language school. Just don't forget your phone!

IfImay speak sincerely, the combination of app,language school, Jim,evenings out, and a choice book or two proved extremely effective._5

A. I recommend it.

B. Remember that an appis just tool.

C. No Idon't mean posting your progress online.

D.I encourage you to use apps as often as you can.

E.Probably not, so why do so n your new language?

F.The best pps adapt themselves based upon your behavior.

G.However,you need to knowhow touse them properly torally beneft.


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假定你是李华,准备参加学校组织的英文诗朗诵比赛。请给外教 George 写封邮件求助,内容包括∶

1.    说明比赛要求; 2.请他推荐英文诗; 3.请教朗诵技巧。

1.写作词数应为 80 左右; 2.请按如下格式在答题卡的相应位

Dear George,

I'm writing to ask for your help.



Li Hua


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During this past year, Ive had three instances of car trouble. Each time these things happened,I was sick of the way most people hadn't bothered to help.One of those times,I was on the side of the road for close to three hours with my big Jeep.I put signs in the windows,big signs that said NEED AJACK(千斤顶),and offered money. Nothing.Right as I was about to give up,a Mexican family in a small truck pulled over, and the father bounded out.

He sized up the situation and called for his daughter, who spoke English.He conveyed through her that he had a jack but that it was too small or the Jep,so we would need something to support it.Then he gota saw(锯子)from the truck and cut asection out ofa big log on the side of the road.Werlled itover and put hisjck on top,and we were in busineses.

I started taking the wheel off, and then,if you can believe it,I broke his tie iron.No worries:He handed it to his wife,and she was gone in aflash down the road to buy anew tire iron. She was back in 15 minutes.We finished the job,and I was avery happy man.

The two of us were dirty and sweaty.His wife prepared a pot of water forus to wash our hands.I tried to put a $20 bill in the man's hand,but he wouldn't take it,so insteadI went up to the truck and gave it to his wife as quietlyas Icould.Iasked the littlegirl where they lived. Mexico,she said.They were in Oregon so Mommy and Daddy could work on a fruit farm for the next few weeks. Then they would go home.注意∶

1. 续写词数应为 150 左右;


When I was about to say goodbye, the girl asked if I'd had lunch.

After they left, I got into my Jeep and opened the paper bag.


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